Q-write an Assembly code that read a student ID, Name, TMA1, TMA2, Midterm and Final....

The output of this programm should be like:

ID Name Total of Marks Result
2345 ABCD 78 pass
2456 Bulin 30 Fail

The code:"i am not sure if the code is right?" you give a try and see :p

Get AX
Mov [0000], AX ; This is for the student ID
Get AX
Mov [0001],AX ; This is for the student name
Get AX
Mov BX,AX ; This is for student TMA1
Get AX
Mov CX,AX ; This is for student TMA2
Get AX
Mov DX,AX ; This is for student Midterm
Get AX ; This is for student Final
Mov[0002], AX
Comp [0002],50
JP Z1 '; This control and Z1 is lable
Mov [0003],"Pass"
JMP k2
mov[0003], "Fail"
Mov AX, [0000]
Put AX,
Mov AX, [0001]
Put AX,
Mov AX, [0002]
Put AX,
Mov AX, [0003]
put AX


[0000] student ID = 2345
[0001] student name = ABCD
[0002] Student Total = 78
[0003] Student "Pass"

:o Hope it works with you...


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What assembler are you using?

What assembler are you using?

I use MASM Version 8.2

Do you think there is other way to write the above prgram??what's it?

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