So I have an assignment where I am supposed to create an oop that will run on a provided Unix server.
I have a Mac so when I run the makefile in Terminal, I don't get any errors. But when I try to run the makefile in the provided Unix server, I get this error:

make: *** No rule to make target `Horse.cpp', needed by `Horse.o'.  Stop.

So can someone explain or show me what I am doing wrong? Here are the contents of the makefile:

horserace: Horse.o Race.o main.o
    g++ Horse.o Race.o main.o -o horserace
main.o: main.cpp Race.h Horse.h
    g++ -c main.cpp Horse.cpp Race.cpp
Horse.o: Horse.cpp Horse.h
    g++ -c Horse.cpp
Race.o: Race.cpp Race.h Horse.h
    g++ -c Race.cpp
    rm -rf *.o horserace

Any help will be most appreciated.


It means that Horse.cpp is not present (at least, in the directory where you run make). What does the ls output look like?

make: *** No rule to make target Horse.cpp', needed byHorse.o'. Stop.

I had to emphasize that ls (ell-es) is a command. Run it in the directory whe you run make, and post the output here.

It turns out that I had the capitalization wrong. It is working fine now. Thanks for the info though.