i want to create a code in java in which i can search any file or folder present on my local machine,with appropriate file path and location of that file or folder....if there are more than one file or folder with that name show all the file or foldea with there path and location...and one more thing we have to create new thread for each file or folder presented in local system...if we go inside that file and there are more folder present inside that folder we can use similar thread to work on inside folder....plz help me out....

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well ... you can use the File-class, starting from your root (this could for instance be C:/) and then use a recursive method that returns the result of the listFiles method of the File class.

is this supposed to be an answer to the OP's question? if so, recursion is possible.
but somehow I think this is more about advertising your own project for some reason.

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