hello there

i need help on encrypting and decrypting words.

this is my task i have to do:

Implement a piece of software that can be used to encrypt and decrypt words. At its simplest, the software could use a simple translation process that replaces each letter with a different letter or symbol according to a simple look-up table. However, more complicated algorithms could also be considered. The software should allow users to enter words which are then encrypted, and to enter encrypted words for decryption.

please email me on << email id snipped >>, or reply back here

really thanks

What don't you understand? The assignment already gives a pretty good example.

Do you have some code you'd like the community to help you with? We're not going to do your assignment for you.

thanks il check the site out. lol im not askin you guys to do my assignment lol. i just wanted to know how to start didnt no what method to use. thanks if i get stuck then il email back

im using JCreator Software to do the assignment.would the link you have provided would be helpfull?

LOL, yes it will help, however it is only suggestion with some explanation and it is up to you to develop a code. Doesn't matter what tool you use(I use JCreator too), it is up to you and your understanding of problem and knowledge or desire to learn Java.

im really finding hard to do this assignment i tryed so many codes that i made up but dsnt seem to work. java aint my ting, i have to do this assignment as its part of my modules. dont what im going to do. im stuck troughout i need help on whole ting.

ask your teacher, that's what he's there for (and yes, we know your teacher is no good and doesn't want to listen to you, your books are bad, and you need teh codez urgent asap plz).

lol if u do know wats da teachers gona say den why bother posting sayin all dis???