I have two DataTables, I need to populate the Data from both the Tables.but i don't have a foriegn key to establish relation.

how to get the Data from two Tables.

I have one column which is having keywords in first DataTable.The Second Table have the values of those keywords as columns

how do establish a relation between them

Do you need the two dataTables? It sounds like you could alter what you extract from the database to include eveything you need. If that isn't possible you can use the Merge method to merge two dataTables with differing schemas. That should help. The MSDN articles are pretty useful for that.

I am getting the data from two sheets of a workbook.

Well, its a little confusing what you are trying to say, u either have a table in a sql server or your have your data stored in excel sheets as a file. OR do u have a datatable filled with values already and then merge them to one datatable?

Can you write is down the tables structure (table names)? So we can see what is the connection between those 2 tables.

forget abt the DataTables I have two sheets with data and i need to Validate the first sheet and get the relevant Data from second Sheet.

For stucture plz find the attachment