Here is an example of the type of thing that I need to do using Visual Basic Express:

Let's say that you are ordering a vehicle. First you pick the vehicle type:


Sport Utility

Mini Van

Pickup Truck

Then, depending on which you selected, you get a list of exterior colors. Different colors are offered for each different vehicle type.

Then you are offered;

Leather seats

Cloth seats

Then you select an engine size. Different engines are offered for each different vehicle type.

Then you select a transmission, etc.

I prefer to use RadioBoxes with one of the RadioBoxes preselected as a default. Then I would like to have a Button1 labeled "Next" and a Button2 labeled "Back".

Where can I get a sample program that does this type of thing?

I tried to program it, but, the Button1_Click event or RadioButton1_checked_changed subroutines didn't work out because they caused me to get "lost". I need control to return to my next line of code after the user makes his selection.

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