I want to start writing a os, but doesnt really know how. I need a simple boot and kernel to demonstrate how its done. nothing fancy just simple one that will boot and load a kernal. if it isnt to much work maby make it that is can hold files, doesnt want any graphics. i just need to se how it is done so that it can set me on the right track.

the languages that i am hoping for is nasm an c++, or c if c++ isnt possible.


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Start by studying other kernels - simple ones like FreeDOS, for which the source code is available. You need a kernel (control program), and a shell (monitor), along with some utilities to do something like look at system activity, etc. There will be drivers necessary in order to access any hardware (video, drives, etc). So, you might want to get an appropriate operating system book, such as Minix (which was Linus Torvald's inspiration for Linux). Look on Amazon.com.

I have this PDF by a brazilian programmer that he teaches you how to make a simple OS, heres the link:
Click Here

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