So im working on a project where im supposed to dynamically load the contents of a .csv file into the database.I have been hard coding the path of the file till now like
inserted = insertFromFile("C:/Users/Student/Desktop/Book1.csv",connection, "customer");
however now i have to read multiple files from a folder and integrate the program with a GUI. I have 2 questions:

a)how do i read multiple files from a folder b)how do i retrieve the path of a file for the insert statement

any help is appreciated.


The FIle class has methods that will return an array of the files contained in a folder.
The File class has methods for getting the path to a file.

public static void main(String[] args) {

       File[] files=new File("C:\\test\\").listFiles();

       for(File file:files) {




    private static void readFile(File file) {
        //method of reading file here

Perhaps that will help, just give it a name of the directory with files and see the output