I have added 2 Combobox on form.
Combobox1 and Combobox2.
I have connected databasetable to Combobox1.
i.e. Showing items of Combobox1 from database table column A.
i.e. displayed one column of databasetable in Combobox1.

Same way I have connected same databasetable but different column B to Combobox2.

So,What I am trying to do is :
Once the form is set up for run then I click on Combox1 item ,
Then I want Combox2 to display only the item of B column that is in the row of column A ( selected item in combobox1).

Is anyone able to understand my question here?
If u have understood then do reply ...Guide me :)
If my question is not understandable then let me know what part U din't understand so that I can elaborate :)
Thank You.
Hope I get replies soon :)