i have trouble starting my final project for my C++ class and heres the layout of the first part..

Command Line Text Editor
Part 1: 50%
Create a command line editor to and edit files.
Each file only needs to be one line long.

When launched, the editor shows a prompt, asking the user to either:
1. Create a new file.
2. Open an existing file.

If the user chooses to create a new file, it should ask the user for the name of the new file, and allow the user to edit the contents of the file.

If the user chooses to open an existing file, it should show a list of all files that have been created with the program.
The user then types in the name of the file, and the program displays the contents of the file on the screen.

The program then asks the user if they want to edit the file or exit.
If the uses chooses to edit the file, then the user can type in the new contents of the file.

i have trouble with that...i hope someone can help me.

Thank You

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dellskiisays123, this site is not to be a source to get free project marks. only ask a question if you legitimatly have a problem with a peice of code.

if you'r thinking, 'how to take a start', then u may start by creating a function that creates a new text file. use fstream library for file handling stuff..take a start, and be specific, where u need help..best of luck :)

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