I'm new to WCF technology and I have to make 2 service providers, that can exchange messages between each othen. So I made two seperate WCF services, and a client application for each service. But my how to implement implement communication between the two wcf services, so that when one service send a message, the other one receives it and sends a reply?
if anyone has an idea I would be very grateful. Thank you!

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The nature of WCF will allow the service to send and receive messages.
If the services are to talk to each other, you will need to create them almost at the same time, so you can bind to #1 from #2, then create the methods in #2 that #1 will call.

A WCF service is available via its endpoint. if service a knows service b endpoint it can create a channel via channelfactory and call the service via a proxy.

Also, Look into the Discovery binding.

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