hai all...
i need to add google map to my c sharp project...and also be able to find distance between any two locations on the map...
i have no clue how to do it.. i dont know how to use the google map api... please help me with any info you have,...

or is it possible to open the map in a browser, and get the distance between two locations???

please help...its urgent...

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Here's the developer page for the Google Maps API, here. As far as I know, you can only request static images using the HTTP classes provided by the .NET Framework. If you want an full interactive map, you'll likely need to use the JavaScript API. You could possibly host it in a WebBrowser control: WinForms or WPF. I haven't used those controls very much, so I'm not sure how easy it is to interact between the control and your code.

Couple of things though, unless you are willing to pay: you can only request 1,000 static images per day (could be more if you verify your identity I think) and their are a few license restrictions (your app must be freely available, cannot be solely for internal use, etc.).

Good luck.


is there a way to simply open a website with distance calculator already in it,in a web browser control...for this i need a site with map and ruler in it..

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