I need to create a program that will read from a file and output the information into a JFrame. I know how to create a program to read a file, but I just need some help reading the file to GUI. Any help would be appreciated!

package ism3230_ch6assignment;
import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;

public class ISM3230_Ch6Assignment {

     * @param args the command line arguments
    public static void main(String[] args)
                                throws FileNotFoundException
 * declaration of variables
        int counter;
        double TestAvg = 0;
        double classAvg = 0;
        String name;
        char grade;
 * input and output file names
        Scanner inFile = new Scanner(new FileReader("612TestScores.txt"));
        PrintWriter outFile = new PrintWriter("612TestScoresout.txt");
 * will print column headers in output file
     outFile.println("Student   Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 Average Grade");
 * while loop reads the data from the input file
        while (inFile.hasNext())
 * reads the student's name from the input file and outputs it in the outFile
            name = inFile.next();

            outFile.printf("%-10s", name);

            TestAvg = calculateAverage(inFile, outFile);

            outFile.printf("%6.2f  ", TestAvg);

            classAvg = classAvg + TestAvg;

            grade = calculateGrade(TestAvg);

            outFile.printf("%3s%n", grade);

        classAvg = classAvg / 10;

        outFile.println("Class Average = " + classAvg);

 * Void method calculateAverage determines each student's average from the 5
 * test scores and displays the average in the output file.
   public static double calculateAverage(Scanner inF, PrintWriter outF)
       int score;
       int sum = 0;
       int count;;

       for (count = 1; count <= 5; count++)
           score = inF.nextInt();
           outF.printf("%4d  ", score);
           sum = sum + score;

       return sum / 5.0;
 * Value-returning method calculateGrade determines student's grade from input 
 * data and returns each student's grade in the output file.
   public static char calculateGrade(double avg)
       if (avg >= 90)
           return 'A';
       else if (avg >= 80)
           return 'B';
       else if (avg >= 70)
           return 'C';
       else if (avg >= 60)
           return 'D';
           return 'F';

How do you want to display the file's content? One easy way would be to put the lines from the file into a JTextArea.

I don't see any GUI code in your post. You have a lot to read about then:
Click Here

I want to put the lines into a JTextArea, but I don't know how to read from the file to the JTextArea

JTextArea has a setText() method and a getText() method use the getText() to get your previous written text and then use setText() to add the new text and the old text. NB this wont work


you will have to use a temp variable to hold the results of getText()

The append() method would be easier to use than get and set

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