* @(#)SavingsAccountTest.java
 * SavingsAccountTest application
 * @author Kelvin Njuguna
 * @version 1.00 2012/4/24

public class SavingsAccountTest {

    public static void main(String[] args)

        double interest1,interest2;
        double newBalance1,newBalance2;


        SavingsAccount saver1 = new savingsAccount(2000.00);
        SavingsAccount saver2 = new savingsAccount(3000.00);

        for(int=0;i < 12;i++);
        system.out.printf("Month %d:\n",i+1);

         interest1 = calculateMonthlyInterest();
         interest2 = calculateMonthlyInterest();

          newBalance1=saver1.getBalance() + interest1;
          newBalance2=saver2.getBalance() + interest2;



    }//end of main
}//end of class savingsAccountTest

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    for(int i=0;i < 12;i++)
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