who can help me??

Create a solution for the following scenario: A local community mobile college unit holds 2 different classes in literacy and numeracy for mature students. A student can join the mobile unit and sign up to one or both classes. The students ID number, forename, surname, age and telephone no should be held on the system for initial sign up.

Create a program using classes and methods that will start to build this system. You will be marked on how comprehensive your programmed system is, so even a simple system will receive some marks.

An ultimate solution would be where the two courses can be set up and then students enrolled on the courses. A menu system should allow for input of extra courses (in case of expansion) input of student details and students to enrol on courses.
The menu should also allow a list of students by course, a list of all students by age.

There are extra marks available for optional extra functionality of this program, it is up to you to decide on sensible option/s that you might add and incorporate it/them within your system. Justify your choices within your comments in the program code.

What have you coded so far?, Which part of it are you having problems with?

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