hi sir
smilpy i want is to make a simple action of Brwoser Bookmark (but not menu i want it in listbox)
like when i bookmark a websit it has the name and its URL , so when you click on the name it opens itsURL

how to save data from 2 textboxes , the textbox 1 is name and textbox 2 is url of that name (like when you bookmark a website )
i want it to save and then load it to Listbox and show only data of textbox 1 not the data of textbox2
so when you click on the name (witch is loaded from textbox1 into listbox1)
in the listbox its shows it URL (textbox2 data ? )

Why not have two listboxes one for name, one for URL, make the second listbox not visible. When they click on a row in the first, select the URL from the second.