I started wrting c lessons for absoulute begginers to advanced users, I think material can be considered quality, and my students learn programming with this stuff. If you wish feel free to start reading it.Its only 8 lessons for now so maybe could be easier for you to start following it now in the beginning. Hope I helped..materials will be published on daily base. Enjoy now, or later when I reach more advanced topics...

Also if you come across mistakes please comment them. thnks (if someoene can help me formatt my tekst to put it here I would be glad, since copy pasting it i cant show potentions and some lines!?) I don't want to be considered spammer, so if anyone has better idea to pos my lessons here feel free to help me!)

Here's Tutorials more to come...

Lesson 1:


Lesson 2:


Lesson 3:


Lesson 4:


Lesson 5:


Lesson 6:


Lesson 7:


Lesson 8:


The URL's don't work.

My honest opinion is that you shouldn't be teaching something you only have a partial understanding of.


Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. You're learning C as you write these "lessons". That's painfully obvious as I've followed them from the first time you advertised unsuccessfully on Usenet. You need to learn C before trying to teach it, especially if you intend to sell yourself as an expert.

You also need to learn how to organize a curriculum and how to write for comprehension. Even if your lessons were of the quality that you pretend them to be (which they most certainly are not), your presentation is still so bad as to negate that quality.

I recommend that you spend some time here or another forum and teach people on their terms instead of on yours. It's an enlightening experience, but a lot of so called "experts" have been exposed as beginners when they tried it, so I wouldn't expect you to risk your reputation by pitting your knowledge against real beginners' questions and real experts' knowledge on a public forum.

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You are wrong narue. I thought they were great tutorials. Excellent work vurdlak. You rock man!!! I feel like one more mystery of the universe has been unveiled just for me.

Write them in English, and don't be wrong, and they'd be much better.

They are in english. Even though english isn't my native language, it doesn't conflict with users understanding of my tutorials, where I think my english is on a high level.

>You are wrong narue. I thought they were great tutorials.
>Excellent work vurdlak. You rock man!!! I feel like one more
>mystery of the universe has been unveiled just for me.

>where I think my english is on a high level
This is where your problem is, I think. You don't have a point of reference to differentiate poor quality from good quality. Or you don't care enough to learn how to do something properly, and refuse to admit that you're not actually skilled at it until it's too late and people slap you in the face with all of the details.

no point discussing with you there... that's your opinnion. Try to be constructive and you do something usefull.

the other info on my website:

"This Website is optimized for Firefox. Users browsing with Internet Explorer may encounter some problems while viewing pages."

>that's your opinnion
Yes, that is my opinion. But the fact remains that your tutorials are very crappy, and you won't advertise them on this forum without my adding a disclaimer to that effect. It's hard enough teaching proper C without having to unteach the garbage that so many so called "teachers" spew.

>This Website is optimized for Firefox.
I viewed it in Firefox, and the code examples still betray your lack of knowledge about C. Your statement is irrelevant to the topic at hand, and the topic at hand is the *quality* of your content, not the presentation of it.

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You forgot to read my hidden message _jsw. Tee he he.

You forgot to read my hidden message _jsw. Tee he he.


I got it!
[/sarcasm] :-)

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I got it!

-I almost missed your hidden message. :o

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