i created an vb application and when i debug it or build it it works beautiful but when i try to publish it it succeed but wit 2 warning as follows
Warning 1 Two or more assemblies have the same identity 'Shull Account, Version=, Culture=neutral, ProcessorArchitecture=x86'.
Shull Account
Warning 2 Two or more files have the same target path 'C:\Users\sabo\Shull Account - original - Copy\Shull Account\bin\Debug\Shull Account.exe'.
Shull Account
and then when i try to use the setup i get a message that it does not work
it looks like some files are double but as far as i checked everything looks to be fine
can someone help me with that ? i'm struggling with this for several days

Have you checked your projects publish settings?

You can set publish settings by:

Open the Solution > Click "My Project" > Click the Publish Tab