hi there guys can anyone here provide me with a guide on how to create an enrollment system in cSharp the OOP way? I just want to create it for a school project. Please help me I really need it if someone can provide me one I'd be very thankful or if someone can help me start the code it will be okay with me as well. Thanks in advanced.

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Try making the plans for it, think of what data your system will be handeling and what you want the system to do with the data (what functions your system will carry out). once you know what data needs to be input and what functions you will implement you can design your interface.

What experience have you had with design and development ? you seem to be asking someone to give you a system rather than just a bit of help.


Yes I have already started and I need this still. help me pls @thines01


Perhaps you can post the code you have already done, that way we can steer you in the right direction or let you know if the direction you are going is fine

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