I use Visual Basic 2008
     Database is Mysql

         Three tables:

         1. table article
              fields: item number, item description, color number, month number
                   100        chair       2            3
         2. table colors
              fields: color number, color description
                             1 red
                             2 blue

     3. table months
     fields: month number, month description
                   1 January
                   2 February
                   3 March

     I want a relationship between article and table table table colors and months.
     I want to see in the datagridview :
     item number, item description, color , month 
         100       chair           ,blue  ,  March

How do I do this in Visual Basic 2008



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select a.item_number, a.itemdesc,c.colordescription,m.monthdescription from article a, colors c , month m where a.colornumber=c.colornumber and a.monthnumber=m.monthnumber

thanks this works

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