Hello. I am working on a windows form right now. My form is very full and i am using many textures. I have double buffered my form and made exteded classes for anything with a texture that has double buffering. Before i had double buffered everything my form was very jerky when i moved it offscreen. It would kinda stick and jerk. I notice this happens only when i move it offscreen. I have not found any information on this anywhere, im surprized im the only one who has experiences this. Another thing i have thaught of is drawing and offscreen image of my form, but i do not know how to do that . Thans all for any advice i cant continue on my project until this has been resolved thanks.

Maybe you should rethink how the information is displayed. For example, one way to do it is to use a tabbed form where each tab contains only a portion of the total info it now shows. Group the data into logical pages and present only one page, or tab, at a time. Someting on the order of the tabs many browsers use. That would greatly speed up repainting the window.

Thanks my stucture is like this. I have a couple panels on top of some split containers. On these panels are textbox's. What i notice is that the only time it slows down is when i put textures onto the panels. Its not even the clutter it is the background textures . Is there a way to speed up redrawing of my textures when im move my form. i know what my problem is with textures when i move my form. thank you though. My programs layout couldnt get more simple. My computer is very fast too, im very frusterated with windows forms.

I'm guessing when you are saying you are "moving your form" you mean the actual browser widnow right? If you are moving the browser window and it is choppy, it could be either the video card or the browser itself, but not the actual form.

Double Buffer the form.. Click it and set the buffering property to double.