I have a Capstone Project this summer where I have to create a program from start to finish. The instructor told us we are not allowed to ask him for help or advice we have to find it ourself so that is why I'm posting here. My idea for my program is a program for Early Childhood Teachers that allows them to enter in documentation for a child and then create a portfolio of all of the documentaion listed by date for each child so they are able to print it for the parents. I want my program to allow the teacher to enter a new child, edit a child's information, or delete a child. As well as choose a child to enter documentation for and create the portfolio (which only has to be a page listing everything the teacher has previously entered). Is this something that could be done using VB.NET or not? Are there any examples of programs that are similar to what I am trying to do. I have to submit my proposal but wanted to see if I could even do something like this in VB.NET before commiting to it. Thanks in advace for any help.

Yes, this can be done with (intermediate) vb.net skills.

You will want to look into MySQL for a database backend.

Or, if you are wanting only one user, Acces will suffice.

You will want to sit down and start designing your GUI/Flowchart/Database

Design it to be practical and efficient.