Hey Guys,

Could someone guide me o show examples of how i can hit a url and find whether its dead or alive, well simply i want to monitor couple of sites incase they go down so if the site is returning me holding page or any other error i would like to get warned about it.
Any advice weill be apreciated.

Many Thanks.

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well i believe

HTTP GET and getting the response

it is all i need to know whether the site is serving or not,
nonetheless i would also like to monitor site responce time, to see whether the server is being put on stress or not. idealy i want to monitor as muxh as possible about a single url.

However any sugestions about site monitoring and releven java packages would be greatly apreciated.


could you provide me with an example of http request being used?


Sorry James, it was very lazy of me to ask for such advice...
Nonetheless I have tried sending http requests and the problem is that it returns to me always OK if the servers is up however, in my case the site may be up however it might be extreamaly slow, so what i would idealy need, would be a way of measuring the site reponce time. As i image if the site is put under a lot of trafic the responce time would increase. So how could i monitor that ?
Once again thanks for the help

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