the assignment to create 4 classes to make message server i made the code but i have an errors

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Just telling us you have errors is not particularly informative. List your code that is causing the errors, and post the output emitted by the JVM when you try to run your program.

some of your 'literal' errors:
I is with a capital
you don't need the word 'a' in the title.
you forgot the 'is' (verb) in your statement and you should've put that 'a' in front of 'message server', and, again, I should be capitalized.

the more logical ones:

you have an errors: this is contradictary, do you get an error, or several errors?
as Rubberman pointed out, that's great, but how do you think we can help you? could you provide more information, that is:
relevant code, the actual error message, and the steps you already tried solving it. it's no use for us to try what you already discovered doesn't work, now is it?
have you written the code yourself?

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