hey guys , i need some help and guidance regarding my college project. i'm working on a sales system . i have a form which consist of all the following information( item code , item name , item price , quantity of item ) which is display using a data grid . data input by user using text box and all this information will be stored in a database(sales database) i'm using ms access 2007. the grand total will be displayed in a text box . and amount paid will be input in a text box too , my major problem now is how to i create a reciept that will have all this information of the purcase. i have a reciept button . what the next step ? i dont have any idea how to get the reciept done.

thanks guys

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I'd start by creating a new table to hold the reciepts...

, the problem i'm in now is , i have a button which saves all the product purchased into a database(sales) ,the items are displayed in a data grid on the form , for the next purchase i can delete the data's on the data grid without removing it from the database and the sum button will calculate the total and again the purchase records will be stored in a database . so now how do i get the reciepts done for every purcase base on the data's in the datagrid on the form , the sum txtbox , amount txtbox. i really hope that you could get the picture of what i'm trying to do.

thank you very much sir

display the receipt using crystal report....it wll hold all the data....but those values shud be present in database...

to calculate sum, the function is also available in reports...u can use it

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