i need some proffesional helps...
from yesterday night i have done a part of my practical and i saved to my pendrive... the folder name as <Chapter 3>
and today i went to college computer lab continue to finish another part and i also saved to my pendrive, since i open the .sln file from pendrive.
and i go rename those folder names and .sln name and others possible to rename as <Practical 3>
when i back home want continue to do, the folder is still exist but inside folder's files are lost. :'(
is that any idea to recover the files?
i also had tried to view hidden files, there's no hidden files.


You might try an undelete utility like recuva which can be downloaded and run free. It is also possible that the missing files are in your trashbin (if one has been enabled on your pen drive). Check your trashbin and also see if you have a hidden folder on your pen drive named $RECYCLE.BIN.

See my reply on the other post - get back into that lab ASAP and back on to the same machine and ensure it was actually saved to the folder and not somewhere else

before 1 hours you guys replied, i already almost done by re-do it. -.-
due to teammate needed it. So sorry, =(
but, i also tried to check for the hidden file, there's no any hidden file. :(
somemore the computer lab will deleted those not important file by everytime restart or shut down.
so never mind and forgive it. by the way, thanks alot :)