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I'm doing my third year in Information Technology. As part of our syllabus, we need to go out into the "real world" and find an information systems problem, which we then solve using the skills we've learnt over the years, as well as any new skills we learn this year. This is then the project we work on for the whole year, and forms the "glue" for entire diploma. This project is split up into phases, which follow the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) namely planning, analysis, design, implementation and support.

I have a bit of a problem here. As part of our design phase, we've been asked to determine the performance of our system under normal condtions and under stress. The problem is, how do you go about that? I'm guessing testing, but how do you do this without having working code yet? Do you thumb-suck an answer? (lol)

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depends on what you mean with 'stress', if you'd like to see how the system behaves when a lot of resources are used, use a stress-test program like furmark for your graphics card. if you want to test your database, maybe write a script that inserts thousands of values (using a loop, ofcourse).

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