i want to one simple register form.
on my form user name , age , sex , email address, state , city , country these are the fields i need to register for every user..
my pbm is i need to check user name into databse table, **if user name already taken by another user i need to receive error message.(user name already exists pls provide another user name ) **if it is new user , user details stored in to database

** pls provide me good coding...

Thanks and Regards

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This is not a code writing service. You write the code and if (when) you have a specific problem post what the problem is, the code that is causing it, the input that causes it, etc. and we'll see what we can help you with.

Momerath is right. I suggest you to do a little search over this forum (or uncle google) and Im sure will will soon fine a good solution.
And btw, you are learning, not we. So we would like to see some attiture from you guys, not that only what you want is a working code from us.

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