i wish to create a form to "sell"items, which will then add the items into an invoice database, and also produce a print out. however, i am stuck. i think i can use listboxes to hold the data, or a flex grid. however, i was told that using th flexgrid would mean that the flexgrid ocx compnent would need to be installed into the system32 folder. but if the computer it is to be used on is restricted from installation, theni cant access system32 to install the component. is there a way to make it so that i dont have to put the ocx component in system32 folder?

or should i stick with using listboxes?

I would suggest sticking with listbox's. However, the ocx doesn't have to be in windows system, but MUST be registered in the registry (which would most likely also require permissions). The DOS command regsvr32.exe is the command that will register the componant (regardless of it's path) but again, the registry might be restricted. Also, a lot of newer windows installations (like 2k and XP I believe) will have the control already registered and in the system. There are a large number of variables involved in this, so you might take the simplest approach to this solution, and just use listboxes. I'm crazy, so I'd Have 2 versions of the EXE, 1 with flexgrid, and 1 with listboxes. Then I'd write a program to check if flexgrid is already on the system, and then check if it's registered. If it's not registered and on the system, then I'd try to install it on the system, and register it.... if that failed, I'd use the listbox version, but if it's on the system (or if the install for it worked), then I'd use the flexgrid version. It's a lot of work for something that should be fairly simple though.....

Sure, let me know what you come up with.

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