Hey guys hello,
I am new to programming language. I have some suggestions about Ditto Clipboard manager. For that i would like to edit some part of ditto clipboard manager. Can you guys please help me how can I edit it's source code. It's available free at here, please Click Here . I want to know, how can i open it's project file? HOw to compile it and how to make installer for it. Please also suggest me nice IDE for using C++. Thanks in advance.

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Ditto was made using Visual Studio, so it's probably best to use Visual Studio to edit it.
You'll want Visual C++ Express since its free to use (I'm pretty sure that Express version will do what you need).

Also, it may be helpful to read up on the extra libraries used: TinyXML, SQLite, and zLib in addition to their custom EncryptDecrypt library.
I also recommend researching InnoSetup as that's what Ditto uses.

(translation: Read all the Friendly Manuals or Narue will come for you in the night.)

Hi man I have succesfully remove the encryptation it's pretty simple, i just take the input for the class that manage the encryptation and give it to the output just the same
I'm interested in modify Ditto to have better integration with Notepad++ why? Just for fun and I really don't like the RTF default editor sorry but it's awfull
Well I hope we can figure out more about the program.

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