It's been a while since I've posted anything; I've been really busy. I was just sworn into the Marine Corps, and just finished making my own 5x5x5 LED cube. Now I'm wanting to get a little programatical with what I did in the real world. Basically I'm needing to find the real time volume of the computer. For example, when you have a song playing and click the sound icon on your taskbar it'll pop up a miniature window that has a green bar the is constantly moving to the volume from the song. Now I'm wanting to do something a little different than that but I need to know how to find that value first. I keep searching around google but the effort fails everytime. I'd appreciate some help on the matter.


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It's getting late, so I don't have time to look too extensively tonight (I'll try and remember to look into it a bit tomorrow), but you may want to start in the Audio/Video section of the Windows API, found here. In particular, look at the Core Audio APIs. I don't do much with audio, in terms of programming, so I'm not the best on the subject matter, but I believe output audio can be directed to whatever device, then each device has a number of audio channels (they may share channels for all I know though). In either case, I think you'll have to monitor several channels and devices, which is why I believe you'll have to start with the Core Audio APIs. I don't believe the .NET Framework directly supports what you want to do, so you'll probably have to use some native libraries via COM interop.

Good luck.

Oh, quick follow-up question... Are you going to be playing a song from your app? Another app? Or just any sound from the computer?

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