Hello everybody. I want to make sure about something:

If I install ActivePython 3.2 as root on Linux, will it delete the distro's default Python (2.6)? I also installed Python 3.1 a long time ago, so I have Distro's Python 2.6, the official Python 3.1 and want to add this other ActivePython. Will it pose any trouble?

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Probable result should be that everything else is left as is but python3 shortcut will point to newly installed Python3.2 not Python3.1

Do you think that this would still happen if I choose a different install directory?

Turns out it doesn't even place links to itself anywhere. I just had it install in /opt/ActivePython/ and it didn't place anything outside that location. So no problem I have Python2.6, ActivePython 2.7, Python3.1, and ActivePython3.2.

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