how do i freeze a form?
scenario: i'm working currently on a form (running program). i'll click a button which will direct me to another form. input info and then back to the previous form.

So, how do i freeze the previous form without using unload, and the data in it still intact after i'm done with the other form.

have i explained it correctly or clear? hoping to find answers here. thank you in advance

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Just call the second form Modal:
Write this in MainForm:

frmChild.Show 1


commented: thank you very much. cheers! +0

You don't have to unload it, as what the person said above me, you can set the 2nd form as Modal when SHOWing.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
   frm2.Show vbModal, Me
End Sub
commented: thank you very much. i will try this. Follow up question. after i'm done with frm2, how do i get back with the previous form? do i use unload me or something? thank you again. :) +0
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