Hi, are there any Java book available for some one who has NO knowledge about programming at all?

I tried books like head first java, thinking in java but they were no help.

Head first java started out with coding and I just knew nothing by reading the syntax.

Are there any books that starts java from fresh and explains everything etc?

We use Java in Two Semesters at my university. Its really good, albeit abit slow but thats good for newcomers:) It covers alot of the basic conecpets of programming plus a good amount of the java framework!

"complete reference" is a good book to learn concepts of java

Take a look at Head First Java, if you have the opportunity to do so before buying it. It seems to be a book people either love or hate; The style of is offputting to many, but those who can get into it without being overly distracted often find it to be excellent. Thus, I don't recommend buying it sight unseen, but if you can check it out of a public library or read a preview version online, do so.

Mind you, I don't really recommend Java as a first language in the first place; While it is not as difficult to master as C++, it still involves a lot of boilerplate code that gets in the way of learning, IMAO. Python or Ruby would be better choices, for most newcomers; I personally favor Scheme, especially the classic Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (which, among other things, is available online for free, and can take you through a whole CS curriculum in 6 chapters), but that's very much a minority opinion these days - it is another 'love it or hate it' sort of book.

Mind you, I don't really recommend Java as a first language

While i mostly agree, and i did start learning programming in Python my self. Java i feel is the best langauge to learn the conecpt of object oriented programming. Personally i diidn't fully grasp the concept until learning java!