Please note, this was a request from my job. I am a SQL developer, and I've had just over 2 weeks experience with C#.

I have a main thread running on another forum, but I could use as many eyes on this as possible. I have so far only had 1 person give me an idea, and while it moved me along I am still missing what I need to do. The forum is following along in detail all of the steps I am attempting (including full descriptions, all code blocks, and why I am attempting a given solution). Please take a look at the following URL, and once a solution is in place I will include a note in this forum as well so we all can have the answer.

As promised I am adding the "The Solution Has Been Found" update. Thank you Curtis Rutland for your assistance. For full details, please click on the link in the original post in this thread for both Curtis's solution (and for those that would like to see the exact answer I have included the latest version of my live code).