I'm trying to learn exactly what is MVC or MVC patterns in code.
I have done some research to a point where I believe I understand the meaning and use of this idea... But I do not entirely understand the concept.

Is MVC( Model View Controller) pretty much, trying to develop a system/application without worrying about GUIs?
Or am I missing the big picture, which I think is, making sure the application delivers the right information, data, etc?

I was asked to learn how to use MVC patterns… Does this mean learn how to worry about functionality rather than Graphical related stuff?

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the view out of MVC is the GUI. it is basically about separating the data model from the user experience, with the controller managing the interaction between the two.

BOTH of them

MVC stands for Model View Controller where the model consist of application data, view consist of the GUI and controller consist of input acceptance and mediation. Controller accepts input and passes to the model to process. The model passes the output to the view as an output presentation.

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