This is a question about Mac OSX Objective C (Cocoa)

Hello I currently have a webview inside a panel which I have set as a sheet, the website inside the web view in the panel can go to other pages of the site, unfortunately one of these pages has a button which closes the webpages window, because I am running it in a sheet and the window has been closed the sheet no longer comes to the front as it's been incorrectly closed.

I don't really want the user to go away from the page that loads at the beginning anyway, so is there away that if the webview url is not equal to "http://www.website.com" then orderout sheet?

And how would i go about doing that?


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I'm an iOS developer, not Cocoa, but I've been able to embed Javascript in the Obj-C code to be executed in a web view. This approach might help you detect a URL or manipulate a DOM element in the embedded web view.

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