Hi. I'm a python noob who codes for fun, so please only critize me if you're trying to help.
I'm on python 2.7 and built this code for fun. (dont ask what the questions are mean. its private info)

    Start = True
    while Start:
        print "Would you like to play the question game? (y/n) "
        if raw_input() == "n":
            Start = False
        if raw_input() == "y":
            foo = ["y", "n"]
            from random import choice
            q = choice(foo)
            if q == "y":
                yfoo = ["Are sabas eyes grey?", "Is oz's girlfriend's hair brown(ish)?", "Did abba and imma used to live on the floor below Iris?"
                **print** choice(yfoo), "(y/n?)"
                YAnswer = raw_input()
                if YAnswer != "y":
                    Fail = True
                if YAnswer == "y":
                    Fail = True
            if q == "n":
                nfoo = ["Are Oz and Roi going to the army next mounth?", "Is Andrew's sister named Sarah?", "Was Saba born in Israel?"]
                print choice(nfoo), "(y/n)"
                NAnswer = raw_input()
                if NAnswer != "n":
                      Fail = True
                if NAnswer == "n":
                      Fail = True        
    if Fail = True:
        repeat = True
        while repeat:
           print "You lose!"
           if raw_input("Play again? (y/n) ") == "n":
                repeat = False

The bold is where I get this error:
theres an error in your program: invalid syntax

I don't understand what the problem could be; it looks fine to me.
please tell me your thoughts

2 problems:

line 11 the list yfoo needs to end with a ]

line 26 needs to be if Fail == True:

line 26 needs to be if Fail == True:

Or simply

if Fail: