I have both combo boxes and datagridview on the same form. Combos are not inside the datagrid. They are outside On the top of datagrid aligned in a horizontal line.

Each combo is aligned with its own column from datagridview.


When I resize (to the right) let's say column 3 the combo which is positioned with column 4 doesn't move right as it should.

I found out how to resize a single combo if a single column resizes, but I can't find out how a combo can be repositioned when some column resizes.

If anyone knows the solution or a tutorial on this issue...

Please, let me know.

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You need to use a header template on your datagird. Google it.

Loren Soth

Hi kdee I think I can help you. Would you be able to give me a sample of what you have and I will do my best to help you.

Something to think about!!!
If this is the quality of replies we can expect from members in this, then all is lost.... Why did any of us join a forum where the members tell us to "Googel it"

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