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Please, give more info:
1. Why use LWP::Simple when there is really nothing the module is doing, since you are getting your names and ids from a text file called 'intput.txt',
2. You can also use the module CGI to generate your html files.
3. Also show how your input data are and what you want your output look like.


Any simple ways to get hyperlinks using perl without the HTML table?

Yes. What's wrong with the example shown in the docs?

use LWP::Simple;
$content = get("http://www.sn.no/");

I assume that you want to retrieve the html content from the site refered to in a given hyperlink, right? If the components required to build the link are in a text file you can read the text file and put the components together to make a valid URL, which you can pass to the get method and assign the returned text to a variable.

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