I am new to C#. Can someone possibley help me? I have gone through the msdn site and i am still lost:/

I have a form with a few buttons.

I want to move and replace a folder. If the folder exists its replaced by the new one.

I would like it to move and replace a file if it exists it is replaced by the new one.

I found the snippets for it i think. How do i actually add the folder or files to my form/program and actually determine the location of the folder/files added within the application/form?

i really want to replace files and folders in an old game with updated files/folders and i have no idea how to do it however i have everything ready to go can someone please link me to some tutorials that i havent been able to find or possibley even type how to do so? Please

Take a look at System.IO.File and System.IO.Directory on the MSDN (Google first hit)

Those two classes should give you everything you need.