I am making a project on Visual Studio 2010 and i want to add some Stylish and Glassy Buttons to it so plz how can i do this ? if i could get some already made Buttons or i can make them myself ..............

Thnks :)

If you are talking about Windows Forms then the button control has an Image property, you can set that to any image you have residing on your computer. Flashy buttons can be created in Photoshop (costs for a copy) or the the Gimp (free). You can find plenty of free icon sets online, just type free icon sets into Google. Or you can create your own using the many photshop tutorials you find online.

For a user rich application environment create a WPF project. You can use Expression Blend for designing.

If you have a deep wallet, DevExpress has some outstanding control suites that I use quite regularly at work. If you don't want to spend any money, you will either have to write them yourself or find a really nice person who has done your work for you. Let us know what route you want to take - designing your own custom user controls or getting pre-made ones.