Hi, i need help when i press the save button on a form that i have created (i have no save dialog etc yet) then it saves that form with all the information in their corresponding boxes when i open it again. Example: I fill in the form then i press save, it will then show certain information on a grid view like date and time and other boxes etc, when i press on a line in the grid view thats already filled in, it opens that specific form with the information that was filled in at the start if you understand what i mean?


To get help, first see the 'Read This Before Posting' thread by ReverendJim.

How about saving the required info to an XML/CSV file or a access/sqlServer datatable Then when the app opens fill your list view you select and query for the Info and fill the for.

well , you can do by saving all your data in a text file , and read that file at the load event , and simply fill your controls with that data.


I dont quite follow? How do i get it so, when i click on an item in a listview (detail) the form opens up with the corresponding text in its corresponding fields?

I thinks this is an assignment...'nways, use the dataset to store your data. link the dataset to your grid and pass the dataset in the form you want to open and there fill-up the textboxes from the data in the dataset.