I'm actually doing a project using Local Database (.sdf) in VB.Net 2010 and I'm just wondering If there is a way to share one database
in a network?

I will going to have server application where it can view all the records in which the client application
will add.

is it possible to share the database from server to client without specifying the database physical path?

Usually, when you make resources on a server available to the network you do it through a share name (or Active Directory name) rather than by a physical path. For example, if your sdf file was physically located on a server named Hermes in the folder D:\database, the users would access it through a UNC name like \Hermes\sharename

Access rights to the folder are maintained on the share rather than on the folder or file. As server requirements change, the file can be moved to another folder and the target of the share can be updated without having to notify the users or modify any applications. Also, access rights do not have to be updated.

Sir, is it possible that the client application will automatically get the path of the .sdf file just by sending a request to the server application like using a TCP/IP?
then when the server application recieved the request, it will send the path to the client application? Without sharing the database folder?

The main reason why I want to create this project because I'm currently doing a Remote Administration Tool in VB 2010.

and I'm wondering how the Application like UltraVCN and Handy Cafe which are a Remote Administration Tool and a client/server application, automatically communicate to each other and Stores a Username and Password of the Client computers, so when the Client uses his computer he will be asked for a username and a password which he register in the server computer.

I'm really sorry for my english Sir.
and I'm really sorry if this thread is irelevant to my post.

The client has to be told some setup information in order to connect to the server. For example, the client must know beforehand either the server name or address. Why not just give the client the share name at setup?