Im planning to create a Remote Desktop Application and I'm having problem with viewing other computers monitor or screen.

Im not asking for the code on how to do it but I would really appreciate it if someone could provide it.
all I want to know is what are the possible ways to achieve what I'm planning to do?
or what should I be studying to learn what I want to do.

and one more thing is it safe to use winsock in creating a client/server application? cause I've read in some forums or tutorials and they always say that winsock sucks..

small details of information or idea is welcome...

Thanks in Advance.

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To be honest why? There are plenty of cheap or free tools out there to do this for you

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To be honest why? There are plenty of cheap or free tools out there to do this for you

my only reason for doing this is because I want to improve my skills in programming specially in VB.Net, and by doing this project I will learn a lot specially understanding network programming. And right now I'm currently putting together all the small application's I made for this project like Lan Chat Using IP,Network Monitoring and the last would probably this Remote Desktop Application which I can view other User's Screen.

I'm an I.T graduate so as much as possible I want to create my own apps and explore things.

and thank you for reading this post.

please just check Click Here and search there you will find some demo projects about this. hope this link will provide you enough information to take your first step.
i think you have to make your base of socket programming before doing something like this.


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