hi. i made a simple chat app on vb 2005 express edition.
Its juts a simple client server chat.
could anyone help me turn it into a multi client chat. where more than 1 user could connect to the server. it must include a publich chat room where everyone connected can chat and also the server has the ability to send a private messgae to any client connected.

The program is attached here.

thank you so much for the help.

I have never coded in VB. But In C# and C++ I have created a chat server that does the following:

For every accepted connection I start a new thread(because I need to listen for incoming messages, unless you make a thread that listen on everyone) on it and creates a new class for it.

So you need to save every connection for each client( I did it with hashtables) , and names and other things you might want.

I have never made a chat room, but it might not be hard.