Is it possible to create charts with XML. What I am trying to do is build a database application and it will need to be able to generate reports. I will need to be cross-platform and open source. Because I'm new to the idea of XML I will be reading up extensively on this but I just wanted to get an idea first.

Can you create charts with XML? Can XML be embedded in some cross-platform widget (like a page) and then printed? (I told you I vuagely understand it). Because I can't find a cross platform, open source report generator which can generate charts or tables I'm thinking of building this myself.

Am I on the right track or is this a little too ambitious. I have years to build this so time is not a huge constraint.


Thanks for coming back. That probably comes down to my undersanding of xml. I thought you could create charts with it so I'm a little uneducated in this area. I basically want to have a way of creating my own reports in a cross-platform application. It will need to hold tables and charts and I don't want to have to rely on something like Microsoft office or some other product installed to view the report. I'm trying to make this stand-alone.
Any ideas on that.

Thanks for your reply.

XML is mainly used for moving data between one platform and another.

It can definately be used for the chart, if you look at the link I posted it shows a rough XML structure which you could use similarly.

Then would just be a matter of creating something to read the data and interpret it using chart tools for example the graph tools with C# etc in visual studio.