Last month I completed my 3 year IT degree and now I am throwing Cvs for IT companies in my country. but still I am home, sitting duck! So until I find a job,I don't want to waste that time staying @ nothing. so can someone suggest me something to do? like following a something useful for my future career. here are my personal interests and gathered knowledge with my degree ...

1. Big Fan of MS framework 3.5 using C#, etc.. (hate java)
2. Has a personal interest in working as a software engineer.
3. Something professional to my academic degree.

And something not full time. (should be able to continue/carry on, even after I got employed somewhere)

What would you suggest me?
highly appreciate all answers.
thank you.

You must not hate something. Java is not my cup of tea also, but it is not SO bad I hate it.
You could design a library of DB, file, graphical and other utilities, that might come in handy when you eventually start your professional career. With your academic degree, that should not be so hard to accomplish.

commented: Good Idea! +2

Everything useful springs from necessity. The first hunter was hungry! I would suggest you fill the void of things you need. when in the course of your daily life something seems difficult, find a way to make is simpler.

having trouble remembering bills, write a bill reminder application. Having trouble managing your IE favorites list, write an application that manages your favorites. (these are just examples)

I am currently writing 2 productivity apps that makes things easier to me because they are tailored to my personal style of computing.

ddanbe has a great suggestion, I have my own helpful library that I expand every time I write a generically useful class.

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