Dear All,

 I am a new entrant in the **DANIWEB**.I am a beginner in Visual Basics.Self studying through browsing the net.I want to make a small programme to be used by 5 or 6 a stand alone computer.How this user management system can be coded.The following operations are required.

1.Add a User
2.Modify a user-his name or something
3.Change the password of a user by himself
4.Delete a user from the user's list.
Please help me

U want to save the username & password in what type of database?

If you are a learner, then start at the begining!! you need to show us what you have learned so far so we can help you...

no code, no help

Dear gee,
I have no much idea about the database. I am familiar with foxpro database files .dbf
Dear AndreRet,
I tried to up load the codes here. it is showing always some kind of error message
Now I try to quote below a portion of the code for adding a new user.
usid=(txtusid.text) usnme=(txtusnme.text)
open app.path & "\Becos\user.txt" for append as #1
write #1,usid,usnme
close 1
To some extend it works but the difficulty is when there are many users added how can i modify one user, given the user id or how can i delete one particular user

You will need to get the user's id into memory first. Once you have that, you can call that user and edit what you need to.

Which database are you using, MS Access? If so, it is much quicker to get a specific user from a structured sql statement.

Let me know, I'll give you some code samples.

Dear AndreRet,
I think my question is too early to ask, as I am only a beginner. I am not familiar with MS Access. I am good at Ms Foxpro .dbf files

OK leave it .

But can you help me in another field ?
I want to change the in put of a input box or field to upper case when we press the enter key after typing,even if the caps lock key is not on.
What is the code for it?

 -->>Simple way wihtout much bleeding on ur fingers try 'UCase()'
 -->>Two Text boxes on ur interface and One Button & code the following on the button
     Private Sub Command1_Cklick()
     end sub
 -->>Just to get an Idea,though iz another way if u 'll think this one is not Cul...

Thank you dear, But You coded for the command buttons' click event

I asked for the Kee Press event of the Text Box...I got it myself
Thank you once again The following code will work

Quoted Text Here

Private Sub Text1_keypress(Keyascii as integer)
Select case keyascii
case vbkeyreturn
      if text1="" then
       lblmsg="enter text in text box"
       end if
  end select
 End sub 

Quoted Text Here

Thank you