I've started learning Python and want to find out how easy is creating GUI for a software. I used to use VB6 with Visual Studio and it was all about Drag and Drop items on a form. Do we have such thing or we just have to hand code everyhing?


With the right setup in PyQt4, it can be a little less painful... you can create the GUI in Qt Designer and convert the resulting XML file to a python module and import it into your main program. Scripting the actions behind the GUI i.e. what happens when you press a given button is hand-coded separately, though.

i've only been using Python for a couple weeks now, I wrote a program in tKinter and it was okay (i used xrope as a gui designer). The GUI looked dated. But then I stumbled upon Glade 3 and GTK. It takes some getting used to, because I'm coming from VB .Net and its awesome form designer, but I really like it.